Dental Crown

Why do I need a Dental Crown?

Crowns are a very effective method of restoring function, strength and giving a natural appearance to broken or heavily filled teeth. They can also be used to improve your smile by changing the shape and colour of your existing teeth.

You might need a crown in the following situations:

  • Have a broken or damaged tooth
  • Have a tooth that has been heavily filled
  • Have a root canal treated tooth
  • Would like to improve the appearance of your teeth

At Champion Dental, we can restore your smile with crowns to enable the teeth to look as natural as possible.

How do dental crowns work?

  • Your existing filling and tooth are shaped and reduced in height to allow for the crown to fit.
  • Moulds of your teeth are taken, along with choosing the preferred shade of your new crown.
  • The crown will be made via our lab – usually from either porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or gold.
  • While being made, our dentists will fit you with a temporary crown.
  • Approximately two weeks after your initial appointment, our dentist will cement your crown into place.

We will ensure your crown fits perfectly and so that not only yourself, but other people won’t notice that it isn’t your natural tooth.

Book A Dental Crown Appointment

If you are thinking about getting a crown and want to find out whether this is the right option for you, get in contact with our experienced team. We are happy to explain the process in greater detail and point out the benefits of getting a crown!