Dental Bridges

What is a dental bridge, and what is it used for?

A dental bridge provides an option for a missing tooth or multiple teeth. It restores both function and aesthetics, allowing you to live your life how you used to with a big smile.

A bridge can be fixed to the two teeth on either side of the gap, fixed to just one tooth or bonded to half of one tooth, allowing you to chose this treatment option in various situations. As it is set in your mouth, it does not move around like a plate, making it a comfortable choice.

Advantages to a dental bridge include restoring your bite and speech function, improving your smile and confidence, and preventing your tooth from drifting!

How does a dental bridge work?

Dental bridges are essentially made the same way as dental crowns are but are designed to replace the gap caused by a missing tooth.

When you come to Champion Dental with a gap between your teeth, we will:

  • Create an impression along with a shade to match your existing teeth,
  • Send it to a dental technician to custom create your dental bridge,
  • Place a temporary crown over the prepared teeth to protect them while the bridge is being made, which usually takes approximately two weeks, and
  • Remove the temporary crown when your bridge is ready and cement the dental bridge.

At Champion Dental, we ensure your bridge looks just like your natural teeth and that you don’t feel any discomfort when wearing it. Our experienced team will not only restore your bite function but will also improve your smile and confidence!

Want To Learn More About Dental Bridges?

If you have missing teeth and want to know more about your options, book a consultation with one of our dentists! We will discuss what treatment options are available, and together we will make a suitable plan for your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team now!