Restorative Dentistry

Are you experiencing pain in a tooth and think there is an issue? Are you missing teeth and would like to get your old smile back?

We understand that issues, accidents, or damage can occur to your teeth, including a break, decay, or missing teeth. You might think it is impossible to get your teeth back to their original state with some of these issues. However, just because you currently have a problem doesn’t mean our team can’t restore your teeth back to their former glory.

Champion Dental can help restore your teeth’s function and aesthetic to help you live a healthy confident life!

How Champion Dental can help you

At Champion Dental, we are experienced in restorative dentistry and can help resolve issues that need restoration, such as missing, damaged or broken teeth.

We offer a wide range of restorative treatment options, including:

  • Dental fillings that match the colour of your teeth,
  • Dental crowns, which restore the function and look of your teeth,
  • Dental bridges, which can replace multiple missing teeth, and
  • Dental implants, which also work to replace a missing tooth.

We will educate you on making good decisions for your oral health to prevent future restorative treatment and tailor a treatment plan to suit your life and oral health goals.

At Champion Dental, we suggest you see us before issues become significant and the pain unbearable. The earlier you visit your dentist, the simpler and cheaper the treatment plan will be. With our restorative dentistry treatments, we will ensure you get your old smile back!

Dental Crowns

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Dental Bridges

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Dental Implants

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Contact Champion Dental now if you have a damaged or missing tooth and would like to restore your smile. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you might have and find a solution that works best for your personal issue.