Custom Dental Mouthguard

Do you want top tier protection of your teeth while playing sport?

Accidents happen – especially while playing contact sports, in fact sport and recreational activities are the most frequent causes of dental injuries. Such injuries can be very painful and often require extensive and ongoing treatment.

A custom mouthguard is the most effective way to protect your mouth and teeth while playing contact sports.  Off the shelf mouthguards can only provide limited protection and are often uncomfortable and regularly impede our breathing and speech.  A custom fitted mouthguard provides the maximum level of protection and comfort.

Why should you get a custom mouthguard?

There are several advantages of a dental mouthguard over a store-bought one, including:

  • Tailored fit combined with superior shock protection provides the best protection to your teeth – reducing the risk of injury.
  • Customised shape and fit which will increase comfortability and minimises movement
  • They can be made to your requested colours and patterns.

A custom fitted mouthguard is a small investment to ensure the best protection for your teeth. The process is quick and easy – a impression/mould is taken of your upper teeth; you choose the colour or pattern you want, and our lab will custom make your mouthguard.

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