Dental Hygienist

Learn How Properly Look After You Teeth With An Dental Hygienist Appointment

Our hygienists put a strong emphasis on preventative dental education to reduce the likelihood of more extensive dental treatments in future years. At your dental hygiene visit, your hygienist will discuss:

  • Dental cleaning aids such as interproximal brushes, electric toothbrushes, soft-bristled brushes, water flossers, and mouthwashes,
  • Dental cleaning techniques,
  • Tooth straightening products if you are at risk of decay, erosion and wear.

At Champion Dental, we focus significantly on preventative dentistry and will suggest several techniques whereby you can keep your oral health in great shape. It is essential that you visit a dentist regularly to reduce the risk of significant issues and costly treatments.

What To Expect

Our hygienist will treat any active gum disease and provide regular maintenance services to keep your gums healthy.

When you come to your hygienist appointment, we will:

  • Do a full mouth chart of the degree of gum disease to enable monitoring of your condition,
  • Treat gum inflammation and periodontal disease,
  • Scale and polish your teeth, and
  • Remove surface staining.

Regular dental hygienist appointments are vital for maintaining your oral health and catching any underlying issues that you might not know about. We will make sure you leave with a clean and healthy mouth and teeth, which will support your gum health until your next appointment.

At Champion Dental, we ensure to build a maintenance schedule for our clients that works for them personally and helps keep their oral health on top! Our experienced team provides a solution that is pain-free and comfortable.

Book a Hygienist Appointment

Regular dental cleans are an essential part of your oral care. Our hygienist will help encourage you to maintain excellent oral hygiene by tailoring your at-home care to best suit you. Call our office today! Our lovely hygienists would love to meet you and start your maintenance.