Dental Fillings

Why Might I Need A Filling?

Dental fillings are often required when there is decay in a tooth, damage from trauma, hypersensitive tooth or to improve the appearance of a tooth’s size or shape. Fillings may also be required to replace an old or leaking filling.

Signs you might need a filling include;

  • Sensitivity to cold or sugary foods
  • Toothache
  • Dental floss that repeatedly tears at a certain spot
  • A visual black or dark spot
  • A hole you can feel with your tongue or food getting stuck in

What happens when I get a filling?

  • When you come to your appointment, the following will happen:
    • If required, we will give local anaesthesia to ensure you do not feel any pain during the procedure.
    • Your dentist will clean out any decay that is present.
    • A white coloured filling (usually composite resin) matched to the colour of your teeth will be placed in increments and set with a curing light.
    • Once placed we will fine tune the shape of the filling to ensure your bite is comfortable and natural feeling.

    Please note at Champion Dental, we do not offer amalgam (silver) fillings for our patients.

Think You Might Need A Filling? Book An Appointment With Us Today!

Your dentist will let you know at your check-ups if there are any signs that a filling is needed; however, it is best to come in straight away if you are experiencing pain or sensitivity. Contact us now if you are in pain and think you require a filling!