Dental Exam

Why do I need a dental exam?

Having your teeth checked regularly is extremely important. At Champion Dental, we suggest that you visit our clinic for an exam at least once a year.

Often, you can be unaware of problems within your teeth until the issue is causing you pain – such as a badly decayed tooth or infection. If left untreated these issues can become more severe and the tooth may require more lengthy and costly treatment or become damaged beyond repair.

Vising us at least once a year for a check-up is the best way to catch and treat any issues early, saving you not only financially but also from future discomfort.

What happens during an exam?

Our team at Champion Dental welcomes both returning and new patients for a dental exam.

You can expect the following to happen at your dental exam:

  • Your dentist will have a chat with you about any concerns or issues you might be having with your teeth,
  • We will then take a thorough look at your teeth, checking for decay and gum health.
  • Your dental exam includes more than just looking at your teeth; it also involves assessing soft tissues like your tongue and cheek for anything out of the ordinary,
  • We will take X-rays to ensure that there are no non-visible issues,
  • At the end of the check-up, your dentist will go over everything with you and explain if any treatment is required and what is involved, or any areas we may need to monitor
  • We will also give you advice on areas of your oral health you may need to improve on,
  • If treatment is required, together we will tailor a treatment plan that suits you and go over any future costs.

Book A Dental Check-Up Appointment

Get in touch to book your next dental exam – our dentists would love to see and work with you on your dental needs! Our experienced team will ensure you are comfortable, well informed and that your teeth and mouth are healthy and problem-free!