Hygiene Department


Dental Hygienists are trained to assess our oral health, especially our gums. Not only are they skilled at removal of calculus and plaque that cause gum disease, but they can assist you in maintaining healthy gums.

Gum disease effects our general health and well being, it is now linked to heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, pre-term and under weight babies and more. More than half the worlds population (over 18 years of age) are affected by gum disease.


Regular visits to your Hygienist will help you take control of your health. Our long term aim is for you to be able to reduce the number of visits to your dentist because of the improved health of your mouth, with the help of your Hygienist.


Our Hygienist will:

  • Assess the health of your gums
  • Help you eliminate Bad Breath
  • Remove the plaque and calculus that builds up around your teeth.
  • Advise you on how to improve your home care, she may recommend some dental products to help you.
  • Review and monitor deep gum pockets
  • Arrange referral to a Periodontist (gum specialist) if necessary
  • Arrange a referral to your Dentist if she feels you need any dental treatment
  • Give you Local Anesthetics (numbing) if needed for pain
  • Place temporary fillings if you have a broken tooth
  • Take impressions and photos required for bleaching, mouthguards or orthodontic work
  • Teeth whitening - "zoom" home whitening system

Our Hygienists

Our Hygienists at Porirua are Loua TimeElla Kimmel.  Ella & Jacquie Clements are available at our Kapiti surgery.


Loua Time - completed a 2 year Diploma of Dental Hygiene course at Otago University in 2000. She joined our team in 2003.


Ella Kimmel - is the newest hygienist to join our team. She has been in dentistry for around 6 years and did her degree in Canada. Ella works at our Porirua practice on a Wednesday and at our Kapiti practice on a Tuesday.


Jacquie Clements - Initially Jacqui worked for us as a chair side assistant. She then went on to do her hygiene therapy degree in Auckland & has come back to join the team once again.

She is now a very busy mum to her beautiful twins.


Gum Disease

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To make an appointment:

NOTE: We cannot make appointments via email so please do telephone us.

Champion Dental Centre - 04 237 9081 or Kapiti Dental Centre - 04 298 6754.