Do Your Or Your Teen Need Braces?

Dental braces are bracket and wire-based fixed appliances that are used to correct crowded and misaligned teeth and/or solve common jaw-related issues such as under or overbite. The goal of dental braces is to properly align your teeth and jaws to produce an even bite and smile you love!

So what is the process?

  • Appointment one is the “consultation“. The Dentist will look at the teeth, the bite, jaw position and facial features. We will explain a little about orthodontics and first impressions on your occlusion and jaw relationship along with possible treatment options.
  • The second appointment is for “record-taking“. This is where we gather all the information needed to make a diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan. Impressions, photos and x-rays are taken of your teeth.
  • Appointment three is the “treatment plan” all findings, treatment options and diagnosis are discussed. A letter of confirmation with pricing details included will be sent to you.
  • Appointment four – Usually up to four weeks later. Insertion of the braces is completed. Instructions are given and the following appointments are made. It is usual from here on in to have 4–6-week adjustment appointments.

The active stage will depend upon the severity of the case but may continue from anywhere between 6 to 24 months before the desired affect is achieved. Once the active phase is complete the patient enters the retention phase. This phase is most important as our teeth tend to move throughout life naturally. To prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position we use a custom-made appliance typically made of plastic or plastic and metal wires that help teeth stay in place (retainer). Retainers are usually removable but may be fixed. Or a combination of fixed and removable may be used.

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