Champion Dental CentreChampion Dental Centre:

Physical Address:

4a Champion Street,
Phone: 04 237 9081
Fax: 04 237 9082


Purpose-Built Surgery

In 1996, due to the construction of the extension of what was then know as Kmart Plaza, we were required to move our practice "Ongley & Associates" (opposite the very well known James Smith building) in Hartham Place, Porirua. Our newly built premises, just across the bridge in Champion Street, consisted of 3 surgeries and our own car parking area with wheelchair access.

A few years later we changed our name from "Ongley Associates" to "Champion Dental Centre".


Our Personnel

NZ Dental AssociationIan Ongley BDS - Ian is the owner/director of Champion Dental. He is a general dentist who has an interest in functional orthodontics and TMJ therapy.
Fred Hunter BDS - General dentist with a special interest in functional orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.
Anne Hanrahan BDS - General dentist with an interest in preventative and restorative dentistry.
Evonne Cheng BDS - Evonne is our newest team member. She came to live in NZ when she was 8 years of age and speaks 3 languages. Evonne graduated in Dunedin and is particularly interested in preventative dentistry. She is proving to be very popular with our patients, both young and old.

Stuart Duncan BDS - Stuart recently joined us from the UK. He is a general dentist who also has an interest in periodontology, splinting mobile teeth and designing new dentures. He also has a special interest in orthodontics, both functional and fixed appliances. Stuart holds a certificate in orthodontics from Warwick University and is currently studying for a diploma in orthodontics. He holds a certificate in straight wire appliances (SFSW) and is Invisalign registered. 

Our Hygienists are:Loua Time and Ella Kimmel 

 Loua Time  -  Completed a 2 year Diploma of Dental Hygiene course at Otago University in 2000. She joined our team in 2003.

 Ella Kimmel - Is from from Toronto in Canada where she studied for her hygienist degree. Ella has been in dentistry for around 6 years. She works at our Porirua practice on a Wednesday and at our Kapiti practice on a Tuesday. 

A hygienist removes plaque and tartar which builds up over time. They specialise in gum treatment to help prevent gum disease which is the main cause of tooth loss.

Support Staff - Jody Padilla & Debbie Marshall are our office administrators. Our Clinical Team are Lisa Neemia, Jordan Osman, Naseem Ali, Tracey Moses and Renee Bett.


Our Dental Services

We now have five dentists and two hygienists available. Please go to our Services page to view full details of the services we offer.

We are happy to give written estimates and guarantee our work. Referrals are appreciated as personal referrals show your trust in us.


Dentists Hours as below:

Mondays:        Dr Fred Hunter 8.45am - 5pm,   Dr Evonne Cheng 8.00am - 6pm,   

                         Dr Stuart Duncan 8am - 6pm.
Tuesdays:        Dr Ian Ongley 8.00am - 12.30pm and then from 3.15pm - 6pm, 

                          Dr Fred Hunter 8.30am - 6pm, Dr Anne Hanrahan 8.00am - 3pm

                          Dr Stuart Duncan - 6pm
Wednesdays:   Dr Evonne Cheng 8.00am - 6pm, Dr Anne Hanrahan 8.00am - 12.30pm.  Dr Stuart Duncan - 6pm 

                          * Hygienist - Ella Kimmel 8.00am - 6pm

Thursdays:       Dr Ian Ongley 8.00am - 12.30pm,   Dr Evonne Cheng 8.00am - 6pm, Dr Stuart Duncan - 6.30pm 

                         * Hygienist -  Loua Time 8am - 6.30pm 

Fridays:            Dr Anne Hanrahan  8.00am - 4.30pm, Dr Evonne Cheng 8.00am - 4.30pm, * Hygienist - Loua Time 8.00am - 4.30pm

Saturdays:       Hygienist Loua Time - 9am - Dr Ian Ongley - (One Saturday per month only) - 9.30am - 12.30pm.

                          Dr Stuart Duncan - 1-2 Saturdays per month 9am - 2pm.


                    Please note: There may be the occasional Saturday that we will not be open.

If this is the case and you require an emergency appointment you may wish to try one of the following: Wellington on 801 5551 or Naenae on 567 4752. 

How to Find Us:

As you come off the main roundabout at Porirua head around it, toward eastern Porirua (in the opposite direction to the North city shopping plaza) continue until you see the next (small) roundabout which is opposite the Porirua fire station. At this roundabout turn left, you will see the Z service station, our driveway is right next to this. We have a sign on the roadside. Drive past Cheyne & Sissons chiropractic, we are behind their building with our own parking area.

Champion Dental Centre